7 Reasons Why You Need an SEO Copywriter in 2021

If you’re wondering “Do I really need an SEO Copywriter?” We’re going to break it down for you.
why you need an seo copywriter in 2020

Our experience navigating the digital marketing world has taught us three main things about SEO Copywriting:

  • Many SEO companies focus on technical search engine optimization.
  • Many Copywriters can create compelling content.
  • You need someone who can do both!

Let’s look at 7 reasons why an SEO Copywriter is a key to a great digital strategy.

1. SEO Copywriters can fill in the gaps in your existing digital strategy.

Maybe you already have a company managing your website, have an agency handling the more technical aspects of SEO. If there is not a focus on content creation, an SEO copywriter can still be a good fit.

Content creation can become a challenge for digital agencies. It takes time to produce content worth reading. An SEO Copywriter can help fill in the gaps of your existing SEO strategy.

2. SEO Copywriters know how to put keywords to work.

To truly create content that is optimized for the web, you need to put keywords research to work. This means reworking and writing content to include the keywords and phrases people are searching for.

Targeting keywords in specific frequencies and densities is important. But, you can’t just stuff keywords into your current content and expect results. In fact, you can actually get blacklisted by Google for keyword stuffing.

Good SEO Copywriters and content marketers will incorporate keywords in a way that feels natural. They’ll also probably have invested in tools like aHrefs, SEMRush, and Hemmingway editor

3. A good SEO Copywriter will keep your brand’s tone of voice in-tact while optimizing your SEO content.

Sure, you can hire someone to edit your pages and title tags to be more keyword focused. But if the content doesn’t end up jiving with the rest of your brand’s communications, there will be a noticeable disconnect. Google is focused on creating the best user experience for the people searching on their search engine.

Your SEO Copywriter should take the time to understand your business or brand and adjust their writing style to fit your brand.

4. They know that engaging content is becoming more important than technical optimization.

Technical SEO is all of the “stuff” you can do to optimize your website that does not include the actual content, or copy. Yes, it is still important to incorporate strategies. But Google has become wise to websites that are gaming the system.

Domain authority, backlink profile, authorship is not where your main focus should be anymore. To really appear on the top of search engine rankings, you should be focused on creating genuinely engaging, high-quality content.

5. A good SEO Copywriter will help make your page as informative as possible.

Your web page should seek to answer a specific question, and answer it. Good SEO Copywriters will ask themselves- “how can I make this page the most helpful page on this topic.”

Length matters! Google tends to favor longer content. So you’re going to need someone who can dive deep, while still keeping things interesting. If your goal is to rank on the first page of Google, I would aim for at least 600 words per page.

6. They know that Google can actually measure what other people think about your content.

If your website isn’t helpful, Google can tell! Google measures this by seeing if people are pogo-sticking from your website to another website.

This happens when:

  • Someone comes to your website
  • clicks back to the search engine results page
  • and then clicks on a different website

Some people confuse pogo-sticking with bounce rate. When someone bounces off your site, it’s actually not always bad. It might mean that your target audience found what they were looking for, and didn’t need to dig any deeper. Pogo sticking, on the other hand, is always bad.

If your blog post or landing page is informative enough to actually be shared on social media, that’s a major plus. This can drive even more traffic and engagement.

7. SEO Copywriters will help you pass the test of Google’s new Human Quality Checkers.

Algorithms and spiders aren’t the only tools Google is using to rank your pages anymore. According to Search Engine Land, Google has contracted with over 10,000 human quality checkers to help determine who should be on top of search engine results.

This ties back into #4 – Google is getting even better at detecting websites that focusing on technical techniques rather than creating great content.

So, to summarize, SEO Copywriting isn’t the “end all be all” to ranking #1 on Google. However, no amount of technical SEO is going to fix an issue with bad content.

Need an SEO copywriter? We can help! Contact us to see if Outlier Creative is a good fit for your next project.

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