Content Marketing for Startups: Getting By on a Bootstrap Budget

content marketing for startups

These days, content marketing for startups is essential. Modern brands are quite literally built on successful content marketing strategies. 

Take Away luggage for example. When the company first launched, it had no product and still manage to hit $12 million in preorder sales

Skincare brand, Glossier turned a small beauty blog into a $1.2 billion-dollar company

And just last year, Robinhood, a no-fee trading stock trading startup, made its first acquisition. No, they didn’t buy a software company. Instead, they bought a millennial-focused media company called MarketSnacks.

Ok, ok, I’ve made my point. But the key takeaway here is that brands recognize the power of good content. Robinhood knows that giving their audience great content helps them build credibility and trust with young investors. It won’t be long before that trust and value translate directly into profit. 

Time is precious in the startup world

As a leader of a budding new startup, you probably don’t have the time to be writing articles every day. And, you might not have the funds to hire a full-time blogger or copywriter, let alone hire for the other roles needed to make killer content. 

Roles like content strategists, SEO analysts, inbound marketing coordinators — they help make sure the content actually aligns with your business goals. Buuuut, they also can account for a lot of payroll. So what now? 

Content marketing for startups doesn’t have to break the bank

If your not ready to bring these roles in-house, finding a content marketing partner is key. A content marketing agency will help you build your audience without eating your budget. 

For example, at Outlier Creative, we’re used to managing content marketing for startups. We work with our clients to set reasonable budgets and give them tangible tools for growth. 

Many of our clients stay with us even after their brand takes off. We can size up or down to meet your needs. As time goes on, you might only need us to supplement your strategy or round out a content calendar.

There are thousands of content marketing agencies. Why should I choose you guys? 

What makes us so good at content marketing for startups? Fair question. Well, you read this far, didn’t you? That’s a pretty good indication of how good we are at what we do. 

We write stuff that’s actually worth reading. All while driving traffic for the keywords that matter most. Like this keyword — content marketing for startups. See what I did there? 

And with us, you won’t have to waste time explaining industry lingo. We get it. We’re familiar with the startup scene, we know the key players, and we know what works.

Don’t waste money on content that sucks. Get in touch

Content strategies take time. It’s a long-term game — and the earlier you get started, the better.

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