8 Insider Tips for Choosing a Branding Agency in Barcelona

Looking for a branding agency in Barcelona? Not sure what to look for? These 8 insider tips will help you make the right choice.
Barcelona Branding Agency

So, your company is based in Barcelona, but your (potential) customers are all over the world. Setting yourself up for international success can seem like an overwhelming task. But, a branding agency in Barcelona should be able to help. 

Finding the right team for the job is crucial, though. Let’s go through some frequently asked questions about finding the right company to build your brand.

1. Decide if you need a local branding agency in Barcelona

You might not need a local agency. We work with plenty of brands that aren’t based in Barcelona. In fact, many of our clients are based in the U.S. But, it all depends on your comfort level. Maybe you value face-to-face meetings. Or, maybe you just feel more comfortable knowing you can get in front of the branding team if needed. If that’s the case, then choosing a branding agency based in Barcelona might make more sense for you. 

2. Start with the visuals

Check out their portfolio and the look and feel of their work. Remember, you’re not exactly looking for project examples that match yours. A good branding agency is going to be building unique brand identities for each of their clients. So, the goal is to get a sense for the quality of their work and their design aesthetic. 

3. Check out their core values

Values and culture are important for great agency-client relationships. You’ll likely spend months with your rebranding partner, working closely on in-depth work. For that reason, you want a branding agency that you feel a connection with. Look for a team that seems genuinely excited about your project and that will bring the energy needed to see it through. 

4. Request a proposal from the Branding Agency in Barcelona

A good place to start is requesting a proposal. At this time, indicating what your budget range will be helpful. The price that a branding agency in Barcelona will charge varies greatly. Fr example, some branding agencies in Barcelona have incredibly high price tags, while others offer affordable solutions. You shouldn’t need to offer too much information at this point to receive a ballpark price estimate, but this will help you narrow down your search to Barcelona branding agencies that are within your budget. 

5. Take note of the agency’s responsiveness

The amount of time if takes for the agency to respond to your RFP is a good indicator of how responsive the team might be on the rest of the project. A timely confirmation that the agency has received your request is a good sign that they’ll be responsive to your other needs. Nothing is more frustrating than inefficient communication, especially when you’re trying to get your new brand off the ground. 

6. Make sure you understand their process 

Another thing to look for is for the agency’s process. Lots of branding agencies in Barcelona will have pretty proposal decks that have a lot of fluff. But, what’s their process like. Do they mention a creative brief? Is there an outline of how many revisions they will go through? Do they break the process into steps that you can understand? In short, an agency without a process might not be the most ideal partner. 

7. Look for specific deliverables 

Now, this is one of the most important tips. You should get more than just a logo out of your branding project. Sure, your logo will definitely be the star of the show. But, look for branding packages that include brand guidelines, color palettes, buyer persona development, and more. 

8. Don’t ignore any branding “red flags”

How strong is the branding agency’s brand? Take note of things like the look and feel of the proposal you receive. Again, it shouldn’t just be pretty. It needs to have substance and be actionable. But, a good branding agency in Barcelona will know that the proposal is an opportunity to show off their design skills. Also, look for consistency in email signatures and the communications you receive. These are small things that help verify the credibility of the marketing agency. 

Ready to find a branding agency in Barcelona? Why not start here? 

Now, you’re ready to start requesting proposals and checking out agencies. Feel free to browse our site and get to know us. If you think we might just be the partner you need, either contact us via our form, or drop us a line via email.

If you want to browse through other branding agencies in Barcelona, be sure to check out Spain’s official list of Top Interactive Agencies. You’ll see a familiar name there!

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