Hubtype Integrated Campaign

Hubtype is a Barcelona startup that helps businesses connect with their customers through messaging apps.

Our partnership with Hubtype was one of our first; over the years, we’ve advised the team on a content marketing and SEO strategy. We’ve also written thought-leadership articles and white papers. 

Whitepaper Assets

We’ve also had the opportunity to work on integrated marketing campaigns. From the strategy to the graphics, ads, and corresponding designs — the campaigns are cohesive and compelling.

It’s important that Hubtype has a thought leadership position in this emerging market. To help solidify that role, we wrote and designed a number of white papers that we used as lead capture tools.

We’ve also developed the corresponding assets including 2 ads per white paper for LinkedIn, mid content download images, end content download buttons.

All the images created responsive and optimized for desktop and mobile users.

It was essential to use the brand colors and guidelines every step of the way.

What we did:
Branding, 3D Rendering, Web Design, Marketing Materials, Art Direction, Photography

Published Ads

LinkedIn social ad campaign

We see too many companies reusing
the same few stock photos to promote their content. So much effort goes into developing white papers, blogs and articles — and then the distribution falls flat.

Instead, we created completely custom ads that perfectly visualize each
topic. This approach lets us maintain consistency with the brand palette and complete control over the messaging framework.

All of the visuals were created with 3D rendering or 2D illustration. We used blue and red hue to complement Hubtype’s iconic purple, while creating a contrast in the composition.



Here, some of the blog posts we wrote for Hubtype.

Engaging SaaS decision makers is kind of our thing…

Hexone Commercial Snippet

Video value without the production price tag.

We also used the 3D model to create a promotional video. Creating the video digitally helped us keep costs down. No cameras or lighting packages needed.