Art Walrus Acrylic Markers

Branding, 3D Product Mockups, Packaging

3d product mockup of art walrus markups

Project Summary:

Art Walrus is a new, premium art supply brand that is getting ready to launch and scale on Amazon and other E-commerce platforms. They needed high-quality images to use in Amazon listings and other promotional channels.

We used 3D product rendering to help Art Walrus showcase their markers in different settings before they were even launched on the market. 3D product renderings enabled us to produce creative marketing visuals without ever having the physical markers in our possession.

How we helped:

  1. Full 3D product modelling
  2. 3D Marker mockups
  3. Instagram content
  4. Product use case images
  5. Amazon listing images

Project Images

All images are 3D modeled and rendered for Amazon listings. According to Art Walrus, these customized images made them stand out from competitors and boosted up their sales by 15%.
3d-rendered image for ecommerce listingsmarker in action
front view of the markers for ecommerce listings3d-rendered image of art on display created with Art Walrus markers
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