Afirma Water

Branding, 3D Mockups, Packaging Design

creative render for bottled water brand


Afirma Water came to us in need of custom product graphics to replace their outdated stock mockups. 3D modeling the product was a crucial step before diving into Photoshop mockups. Using the drawings provided by their factory, we constructed the exact bottle in 3D, created the label, and brought the product to digital life.

After it was rendered and approved, we deconstructed the bottle into individual layers and sent them to photoshop. Finally, we created a mockup template of the product to be used in different creative settings.

Project Images

Take a look at the photoshop mockups we created for Afirma. Modeled, rendered, and meticulously layered in photoshop to be used in website, social media and more.
bottled water brand creative
3d model of water bottle
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