Myco Blends Supplements

Branding, Packaging, Label Design

creative for health and wellness company

Company Background:

Myco Blends is a health and wellness company that is centered around 100% organic supplement of the seven most well-researched medicinal mushrooms to support immunity. They were looking to incorporate organic health options into peoples lives. As far as some supplement bottles go they feel like a walking billboard sign with a lot of eye grabbing slogans and intense graphics.

How we helped:

We designed an icon for their brand and then created a label for Immunity supplement bottle. To break it all down we've done:

  1. Logo Design
  2. Immunity Label Design
  3. Defense Label Design
  4. 3D Product Mockups
  5. Art Directed Images

Project Images

It was important for us to create some inspirational images. To achieve that goal, we've 3D modeled and rendered marketing images to showcase the product. Below are some examples.
3d model of supplements bottleproduct mockup in creative setting
product mockup supplementsmushroom supplements creative backdrop
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